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The journey of Funeral Support Services Organization hereinafter will be referred as “FSSO” started on 1st December 2014 when, with the sole objective of serving grieved families of Muslim Community and providing them Funeral Financial Support Services with dignity and respect in the province of Ontario, Canada.

The aim was to relieve members of the Muslim community from the burden of excessive funeral cost currently ranging from $7,000 to $12,000, escalating every year about 10% to 15%. In the past we have observed few examples where some Muslim Brothers and Sisters were asking help and donation in Masjids and from community members to cover the funeral cost of their loved ones who passed away as they were unable to bear the same. This situation was an eye opener and wake up call for every Muslim brother and sister which lead us to create this organization.

Following the set procedure of Federal and Provincial Government the organization of FSSO was established on 1st December 2014 and registered under Ontario Corporation Registration #1926261, Canada Revenue Agency BN #820447589 and HST Number: 8204407589 RT0001.

The operation of FSSO (Funeral Support Services Organization) is managed, monitored and controlled by a Managing Committee comprising of the following members of the Board of Directors:

Nasiruddin Shaikh

Cell No: 416 833 8851

Syed Rahat Ali

Cell No: 416 738 7248

Mohammed Naimuddin

Cell No: 416 988 6246

Muhammad Ejaz 
Diploma (MECHNICAL), M.A.

Cell No: 416 300 5898

Javed Bhatti

Cell No: 647 464 5365

Javaid Hanif
PMP, P. Eng., PE (E), S Member IEEE

Cell No: 905 601 2211

Shaykh Ibrahim Hussain

  • Tech Diploma in ICT from Preston College.
  • Darse Nizami, (Masters Equivalent in Islamic Theology from Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda, UK)
  • Leadership Certificate from Oxford University.
  • Advanced Conflict Management Certificate from University of Waterloo & Certification in Mediation, Med-Arb & ODR from ADRIC.
  • MCI Arb at Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Cell No. 647 831 1631


Introducing a very simplified procedure of membership, the members of the Managing Committee launched campaign to introduce the concept of FSSO by arranging events, visiting various Masjids in the Ontario Province, Community Centers, get together meetings etc. and invited all Muslim brothers and sisters to register with FSSO as a member and find a respectable way to cover their and their family members funeral cost by paying once in life time membership fee as follows. Once they become registered member of FSSO they will only be required to equally share the reimbursement cost (expense payment), if incurred in future, due to demise of registered FSSO member which will not exceed $15 per case. This is to replenish the membership account fund to maintain the stabilized balance.


In the event of death of any registered and active FSSO Member the following procedure is followed:

Death at Home: Family members are required to call 911 and inform them. Police and Health authorities will arrive at the deceased member site to complete the formalities. They will issue a death certificate which give the permission to make funeral arrangements OR they may decide if an autopsy is required. After that they will issue a death certificate. Now Call FSSO at 289 946 1511 (Members only) for burial arrangements.

Death in Hospital: After obtaining death certificate from Hospital for burial. Now call FSSO at 289 946 1511 (Members only) for burial arrangements.

Death Certificate: After the receipt of death certificate, FSSO designated officials will then make necessary burial arrangements in coordination with the Funeral Coordinator of the concerned Masjid.

After all funeral arrangements are finalized FSSO will notify all members about the death of deceased member by email and inform them about the time and venue of Salat-ul-Janaza and Cemetery.

Total Burial cost will then be calculated and distributed among all active FSSO Principal Members as their reimbursement share (expense payment). All Principal Members will be notified about the amount of their share and after five working days the same will be deducted from their bank account as per Pre-Authorized Payment Plan agreement signed by them. It will be the responsibility of FSSO Members to ensure that they do have sufficient fund in their account. In the event of Funds declined in any reasons of the Principal Member’s Account, he/she will be subject to $25 penalty.


1. Coordinate with the Masjid of the area for burial arrangements
2. Release of body from Hospital
3. Transportation of body from Hospital or Home to Masjid and Masjid to Cemetery
4. Preparation for Burial
5. Coffin Box
6. Kafan (Shroud)
7. Mortuary (Cold Storage) arrangement, if needed.
8. Full burial process – opening grave, burying body and closing grave
9. Registration of Death
10. Securing Burial Permit


Apart from taking care of FSSO registered members of their financial funeral commitments, FSSO has established this account to help those deserving, very poor and needy community members, on merit basis, who are badly in need of burial financial support.

Any amount pledged by existing, new incoming members FSSO and other community members will be a great help for us to carry on this noble cause. The Pledge Form is available in our website under the title of “Community Help/Pledge” which can be submitted online, email and Canada Post.
Jazak ALLAH جزاك اللهُ خيرًا


  • Principal Member………………………………………… $100
  • Admin Fee…………………………………………….……… $ 25
  • Spouse………………………………………………….……… $ 25
  • Each dependent child under 19 years……… $ 25
  • Any Child over the age of 19 years has to fill out a separate
    Application Form as an adult Principal Member.


By-Laws of FSSO have been formulated and documented.


FSSO files Tax Return annually.


Depending on the support from our Members and other Muslim brothers this plan includes (In’sha ALLAH) the following:

A vehicle to transport body of deceased member from home/hospital to masjid and grave yard